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At the Cutting Edge: This Man Just Had the Very Original Idea to Stage a Production of Macbeth Set in the Present Day With Gangsters

Theatre fans, prepare for the biggest shock of your life, because this guy is uprooting years of orthodoxy with his fresh new ideas. When his theatre group suggested staging Shakespeare classic Macbeth, local hero Joey Joebeck pipped in ‘What if we set it in the present day. With gangsters.’


Joey, 42, had this incredibly original idea when he watched a gangster film and thought ‘they kill one another, like in Macbeth’, and thus the stage was set for his grand unveiling. He wasn’t sure how it would go down though. When he told his wife, she screamed and said ‘This idea is why I chose you over your brother Tim the grocer, but it will never fly with your theatre group, it’s too radical and original.’ But Joey decided to go ahead and suggest it anyway.

When it came to the day, Joey carefully prepared his pitch. He would outline the idea, and then say it out loud so as people knew what it was. The room was silent upon his suggestion. But then people began to applaud. Slowly at first, but then everybody joined in and Joey knew that his idea had been accepted.

How will it turn out? We can only guess because of the originality of this idea, but if Joey has anything to say about it, it will be at the very cutting edge of the theatre scene.

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