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Wow! The Harry Potter Books Taught This Kid To Love Reading, But That Didn’t Stop His Parents From Getting Divorced

Well doesn’t this story just inspire you.

When little Jimmy Buffett learned that his parents were divorcing, he buried himself in the magical world of Harry Potter so that he didn’t have to process what was happening. Starting with The Philosopher’s Stone, within just a few short weeks he’d read his way all the way through to The Deathly Hallows, and all the superfluous shit like ‘Fantastic Beasts (p.s. I Got 90% of Them From Pre-existing Folk Tales and Mythology Morons)’ and, ‘Here’s the Backstory of Peeves Or Some Shit, BTW I Have a Licence To Print Money Now, My Personal Wealth is Greater Than The State of Montenegro’.

Little Jimmy had never been a reader before. He preferred singing softly to himself to drown out the sound of his parents arguing, or talking to his friend Moira, the school therapist, but with his introduction to the world of Harry Potter, he’s now an avid reader! Jimmy likes magical books like Harry Potter, and ones in which the dad of the protagonist doesn’t sleep with the mum’s best friend. He now says that he hopes to be a writer because ‘creative people seem so happy.’ Wow! You did it again J.K.!

Jimmy had hoped that showing proficiency in reading would unite his parents in pride of him, but it didn’t because some people just aren’t meant to be together and they were deeply unhappy. So while Jimmy may have learned about the adventures of Harry, Hermione and the ginger one, he couldn’t stop his parents from getting a divorce. Oh well Jimmy! At least you got to learn what a Hippogriff is!*

*It’s basically a Griffin, a long established mythological creature.

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