Going Above and Beyond- This Kid Told J.K Rowling That He Wanted to Be Just Like Harry Potter, so She Broke Into His House and Murdered His Parents

When eleven year old Harry Potter super-fan Quentin Queck wrote a letter to J.K. Rowling late last year, he wasn’t expecting a reply. Queck, who describes himself as the ultimate Harry Potter fan, merely wanted Rowling to know how much the character meant to him, and how the themes of friendship, perseverance and the cutting of safety standards in schools had inspired him in his everyday life. He told Rowling that he tried to act as Harry would, and that ultimately, ‘I want to be just like Harry Potter.’

Just another letter you may think, but J.K. Rowling isn’t just another author. Reading this letter, she decided to make young Quentin’s wish come true. Donning a cloak, J.K. broke into his house in the middle of the night and heartlessly murdered his parents.

Wow! Talk about going above and beyond!

When Quentin woke up it was to the lifeless corpses of his parents and a new status of being an orphan, just like Harry! J.K. had even taken the time to mutilate his forehead, leaving a distinctive scar. Errr, talk about goals! And it didn’t end there! When J.K. discovered that Quentin doesn’t have any abusive relatives who would become his carers, she legally adopted him and then locked him in a cupboard so that he’d know the deep emotional pain that Harry experienced in his early childhood!

Talk about inspirational!

So few authors are willing to engage with their audience like this, but J.K. Rowling continues to astound even to the present day. Whether she’s busy churning out another appendix to the books, or backing off criticising a domestic abuser being cast in one of her films, it’s clear that this author will always make time for her fans.

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